2010: What Really Matters

Focusing on the theme of ‘what really matters’, our presenters addressed issues ranging from the meaning of life to the advancing of 2nd Life technology. Discussions on race, poverty, energy and entertainment ensured the first TEDxNCSU offered a diverse program propelling participants to think outside their normal boundary.  The event sold out in less than a day and all who attended were encouraged to network and share ideas before and during the break.

Program and Speaker Bios

Marshall Brain: Meaning of Life

Mike Giancola: Hunger

Dick Gordon: The Story

Santiago Piedrafita: Graphic Design

Saul Flores: Walk of the Immigrants

Dr. Marian McCord: Developing Issues

Claudia Kimbrough: 2nd Life

Dr. Blair Kelley: Kicking Off this National Conversation on Race

Special Performance by the Grains of Time

Event Photos