Issues and Ideas

The UAB Issues & Ideas Committee’s mission is to provide students with information about current issues and a forum in which to discuss them. We work to both address topics in which students have an interest, and to inform them of important issues that affect them of which they may not be aware. This can include local, national, or international political dilemmas as well as controversial ideas in academic disciplines. It is our hope that through such programming, students will expand their knowledge base outside the college classroom.

Cherif Gueye | Chair
Job responsibilities include: identify and secure speakers and debate topics on a diverse range of social issues, recruit committee members for task delegation purposes, manage and/or delegate all logistical components of the I&I Committee’s events.

Other responsibilities include partnering with other organizations through co-sponsoring events that align with the committee’s mission, such as LeaderShape, Wake Up It’s Serious, and several of CSLEPS’ Stop Hunger Now banquets.