The Films Committee selects and promotes the films shown at the NCSU Witherspoon Student Center Cinema. We aim to satisfy every type of moviegoer, offering box office blockbusters, as well as occasional independent films. At random, the committee runs sneak peek previews, allowing students to screen films before they are released to the public in theaters across the country.

Our mission is to provide students with a place to go for entertainment, and to help introduce the students to different cultures from Bollywood Films to Latin American Film and more. Our signature event is the Campus Movie Fest, where students are given the opportunity to show off their creativity.
Our goals for the upcoming year are for a record-breaking attendance for all the events and films, growth in the films committee, an increase in the number of entries for the Campus Movie Fest, and short spoofs for some of the films that the cinema is going to be showing.

Membership is open to the entirety of the student body with perks including VIP seating at screenings, free cinema admission, first dibs on movie posters and being a part of a group of students that program for the students. The committee members help volunteer at events such as promotions for movies, they give out free movie stuff such as posters, t-shirts, or anything that the film company gives to us, and they help at sneak peeks of films. Members will also be able to vote on which films will be shown at the campus cinema for the whole year.

Brittany Bynum-Farmer | Chair
As committee chair, my first role is to make the film schedule. I use Adobe Illustrator to put the schedule together, by collecting data on the film such as rating, run time, and DVD release. I’m also responsible for coming up with ideas to help promote films and with logistics of events and recruit volunteers for programs. I also work with other organizations such as CSLEPS and Film Studies to bring independent films and documentary films to campus for students. The main goal that I have for my committee is to reach as many students as possible through the use of films and programs.

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