Black Students Board

The Black Students Board is one of NC State University’s first African American organizations after the African American Student Advisory Council (AASAC). The Board exists to foster a sense of unity among students of the African Diaspora. It is our belief that “the pursuit of culture is not readily attained. It must be cultivated with determination, strength, creativity, and unity.”

Our mission is to instill a sense of unity and excitement within students, and to provide a social outlet by hosting political, spiritual, and cultural programs and activities.

Our goals include maintaining a steady membership, engaging students in educational and community service-oriented programs, and co-sponsoring more programs with a wider range of student organizations.

This year we focus on three main points: Entertainment – Culture – Unity. There will be a meeting once per month focusing on each point.

Amira Alexander | Chair
As the Black Students Board Chairperson, it is my job to ensure that there are unique programs planned for the general body. It is my goal to create a planning committee for each event so that people gain valuable programming experience. I attend bi-weekly UAB meetings to keep everyone informed on what the BSB is doing. Being the BSB Chair is a very rewarding experience that allows me to work with people from different backgrounds and gain valuable leadership experience.