The UAB is made of 6 distinct committees, each led by a committee chair. These chairs are responsible for organizing events throughout the semester, as well as leading their committees of student volunteers who help generate event ideas and make events successful. Below is a brief description of each committee. If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please contact the email address found on the committee page.

Black Students Board

The Black Students Board is one of NC State University’s first African American organizations after the African American Student Advisory Council (AASAC). The Board exists to foster a sense of unity among students of the African Diaspora. It is our belief that “the pursuit of culture is not readily attained. It must be cultivated with determination, strength, creativity, and unity.”Email Tsharre Sanders at to learn more!

Diversity Activities Board

The Diversity Activities Board is a committee that welcomes representatives from diverse organizations/clubs on campus to participate in programming for the Union Activities Board. Our mission is to promote, produce, facilitate, and educate by conducting events that help students to raise their awareness of and appreciation for other backgrounds, cultures and perspectives. Email Kam Risku at to learn more


The Films Committee selects and promotes the films shown at the NCSU Campus Cinema. We aim to satisfy every type of moviegoer, offering box office blockbusters, as well as occasional independent films. At random, the committee runs sneak peek previews, allowing students to screen films before they are released to the public in theaters across the country. Our mission is to provide students with a place to go for entertainment, and to help introduce the students to different cultures from Bollywood Films to Latin American Film and more.Email Hannah Fennell at

Issues and Ideas

The UAB Issues & Ideas Committee’s mission is to provide students with information about current issues and a forum in which to discuss them. We work to both address topics in which students have an interest, and to inform them of important issues that affect them of which they may not be aware. This can include local, national, or international political dilemmas as well as controversial ideas in academic disciplines. It is our hope that through such programming, students will expand their knowledge base outside the college classroom.Email Cassie Brinkman at

Concerts and Entertainment

The Concerts and Entertainment committee helps plan several large university concerts (such as Pack Howl and All Night Bash) along with providing students with fun and engaging events to enhance their college experience.Email Catherine Kubitshek at

Leisure and Recreation

The Leisure and Recreation Committee offers an assortment of fun and engaging activities for the student body. Through new ventures and old traditions, we help students get the full experience of college life by providing stress-busting activities and events.Email Jeremy Mason at

UAB Communication Team

The mission of UAB Communication team is to deliver consistent messaging across various platforms and medias to promote UAB events, goals, and truly keep UAB “for students, by students!”Email Cherif Gueye (Vice President of Communications) at