To the NC State Community:

From their early roots as debate and literary societies, college unions fostered campus
community by joining physical spaces, people and organization under a common purpose.
Founded in 1951 as the College Union Board of Chairmen and later renamed in the early 1970s,
the Union Activities Board has enriched the NC State campus through 60 years of educational,
and social programming.
In preparation for the 2011 – 2012 academic year the Union Activities Board (UAB) has reflected
upon the goals and strategic plans of NC State, the Department of Student Affairs as well as
corporations recognized for their social responsibility. After soliciting feedback from key
administrators and student leaders, five organizational goals were identified to help the UAB
engage students and make a positive community impact through innovation.

UAB Priorities

  1. Students
  2. Our Team
  3. The Environment
  4. Human Rights
  5. The Community


Priority 1: Students

As the most important stakeholders, the UAB seeks to understand the needs of the student
body and create new solutions to modern problems. By engaging students in the program
development process the UAB can ensure mutual success.

  • Increase the amount of weekend programming
  • Increase the amount of late-night programming
  • Support programs that develop academic potential
  • Encourage healthy behaviors
Accountability Guidelines
  • Campus wide survey
  • Attendance at programs
  • Increase in positive health indicators


Priority 2: Our Team

Fourteen undergraduate and graduate student leaders and four professional staff members
comprise the UAB. Developing the talent and strengths of our team is imperative to create the
conditions necessary for a organizational culture of innovation.

  • Implement a cutting edge training program
  • Provide opportunities for professional development
  • Develop skill surrounding leadership and self-knowledge
  • Supporting workplace diversity
Accountability Guidelines
  • 360 degree assessments
  • Employee satisfaction survey


Priority 3: The Environment

In the UAB, citizenship is a global concept that refers to the organization’s workplace and
community impact. Innovation extends beyond programs into business practices that reduce our
footprint and environmental impact.

  • Minimize waste through recycling, composting and avoiding disposal products
  • Facilitating environmental awareness through targeted programming
  • Increase partnerships with local food vendors
Accountability Guidelines
  • Suitability audits
  • Event attendance
  • Amount of partnerships


Priority 4: Human Rights

Many organizations are hesitant to create strict human rights policies, especially in the age of
global expansion. The UAB recognizes human rights as an integral component of social
responsibility and bodily seeks to create the collegiate standard.

  • Create strategic partnerships with social change organizations
  • Increase the expectations from suppliers
  • Support efforts to promote a positive campus culture
Accountability Guidelines
  • Amount of fair trade products purchased
  • Track capital contributed to partners
  • Independent impact assessments


Priority 5: The Community

While the UAB is devoted to creating innovative programming solutions to national and global
issues, the organization recognize that social change does not occur solely through the
development of educational and social events. From packing meals through Service NC State
to collecting money for UNICEF, the UAB has shown its dedication to community service
throughout the years.

  • Promote and develop an annual philanthropic event
  • Model servant leadership through established volunteer opportunities
  • Expose students to downtown Raleigh
Accountability Guidelines
  • Contribution to philanthropic organizations
  • Volunteer hours
  • Attendance at Wolfstock

The UAB has aligned its mission, methods and resources to be congruent and in compliance
with its core values. The NC State community can rest assured that the organization is going to
accomplish great things in the year ahead.
Please consider leaving your mark on NC State by getting involved with the UAB.